You are welcome to pick your FURend up. If this is not possible, we can fly your new best FURend to an international airport near your home.  We use a professional shipper. They book all flight arrangements and They only book the very best flights for our FURend friends.  All flight information is forwarded to you within 48 hours of the shipping date. Shipping fees start at $375.00 for one puppy.  

We do offer:

Pet Flight Nanny & Pet Nanny door to door services.  

These service costs are subject to destination.

Call for information & prices.   

Shipping Information

Shipping available in the United States only......
This page is designed to give you information on how we ship our puppies. All shipping includes the following:

*Airline ticket

*Pet Taxi - sized accordingly to the puppy and airline.

*Health Certificate - Vet certificate required by airline.

*Rabies Shot - only required by airline if puppy is over 12 weeks of age.

**We only ship in the Continental United States.**

These Puppies are classified as a Toy Breed &/or Snub nose breed and the airlines have strict guidelines on these breeds of dog... They require the crate be one size larger then the puppy actually needs. Also some airlines won't ship if the day’s high is supposed to be 85 degrees or if the low is below 20 degrees.. We do ship through professional shipper any time of the year, for an additional fee added on to the cost of the puppy. They have special arrangements for the shipping and handling of their animal cargo. This is called the “Pet Safe Program”. They transport the animals to the airplane in air conditioned or heated vans. The cabins where they keep the live cargo are air conditioned or heated. This is why the shipping cost is more... I think it's worth the extra money. Please remember if you are considering shipping a puppy or dog, weather it is one of mine or someone else that is coming to you. No matter how far the flight it can be quite long and strenuous. Even though we try to make sure that my puppies are crate trained before the go to their new homes some times, well let's just say accidents happen. We suggest that you bring a bottle of water, clean blanket and some baby wipes. (the wipes are to clean up your puppy and the crate). We recommend you wait to feed your puppy until you get home, this way you don't run the risk of the puppy getting car sick. If you have any questions about shipping please feel free to text, call or e-mail us, We will do our best to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read through our shipping information page, we hope it was helpful.

There will be puppy food along with health information and registration attached to the kennel. (Don’t forget, the kennel is yours to keep as well.) We suggest you bring a few things with you to help at the time of pick up.

*Water, (don’t let you puppy gulp or drink too fast it can cause them to throw up.)

*Baby wipes, (very handy for just in case there is a need for clean-up)

*Small blanket or towel. (helps to snuggle and feel secure in this new, sometimes scary, environment).  

*DO NOT offer food until you get home. There will be “stress drops” in your puppy package, this is used to avoid a low blood sugar issue because of all the excitement this can happen to our small breed FURends.


If you are looking for that "special or specific" FURend, drop us an email and we will find you your perfect FURend friend!


Lisa J.Stark

573-539-5969 call or text

Your ToyBox Puppy will come with:

prepaid registration, microchipped, age appropriate vacations, dewormings, health guarantee & puppy package.

Professional Pet Safe airline and in seat Pet Nanny service is available for an additional fee starting at $375.00. This cost will include a kennel that is large enough to use through potty training.

Professional Ground Transport is available for an additional fee. We use a professional door to door ground transport Pet Nanny service. The cost will reflect location. Call for an estimate.

Pick up date is on or after 8 weeks of age

Shipping date will be the first Friday after 8 weeks of age.

For some ToyBox & all TeaCup puppies will be on or after 12 weeks of age. Because of their small size they require more time to be ready to go to their FURever homes.

**TeaCup and ToyBox are just a description of the adult size of the puppy. This description is not a recognized by the registries, it is merely to inform about the expected adult size.**